Free Website Hosting

Free Web Hosting

What is Free Web Hosting?

You can think about free web hosting service as a storage or home where you can store your stuff. but, instead of using this home to store your furniture and house stuff goods, you’re using it to store all of the necessary website files for your website to run.

These files usually include your HTML pages java, and CSS files… etc also it could include documents, media files, and more. the free cpanel website offer you this free cpanel web hosting totally for free

but free cpanel web hosting is not enough …

Also, in order for your website to actually be online, you also need a domain name. it could be free domain name or paid domain name, you can think of your domain name as the addresses of the house. you can’t have a house without address, also you can’t have a free website hosting without a domain name. It would be very hard to find your house without an address people could remember.

Why do You Need a Free Website Hosting ?

If you want to have a free website that you can call your own, then you need to invest in hosting. Fortunately, the free cpanel hosting offer you a free web space with a free domain name to host and start your website for free !

How can i sign up for free web hosting ?

the free cpanel service allows you to make your free website hosting space, now you can Signup for free from this link click here

it takes just few minutes to sign up and set up your free cpanel web hosting.

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