History of Web Hosting

It is with no doubt that Web hosting is something of a new industry. Before, it emerged, there was a need for web hosting at nearly all places just before the birth of the internet. Just imagine peoples viewed it unnecessary until few organizations and individuals began building websites.

Web hosting all started when the National Science Foundation decided to lift all the commercial restrictions on the web. This could allow traffic more so from business networks to use its NSFNET internet network in 1991. As a result of these policies, profit companies gained access to the network. Previously, it was only used for research and education.

And it was all these developments that significantly increased the number of peoples using the internet and also the intensity of the commercial activities being conducted across the internet. In turn, this would later create the need for web hosting services. Before that, you were required to have your own server so that you could be in a position to host a website.

Indeed, with that progress, the web hosting industry will continue to develop over the coming years.

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