Do you like puzzles? It’s one of the best! Help the blue square to reach the bucket, it makes sense!Touch Mouse
Take knife like a real thing and interact with it. Throw, rotate your weapon and etc. Knife is not enough? Take axe or shuriken! First game ever with realistic physics of knife throwingTouch Mouse
Try to hit the aim with a ball. Change speed and direction of the mech-hand. Perform bounces to make gain more score!Touch Mouse
Draw the line under the ball to prevent it from falling and to make it destroy blocksTouch Mouse
Anti Stress Game 2 is an online HTML5 game suitable for all ages. Anti Stress Game is a typical arcade game which is good for relaxation as matter of fact. You are allowed to play with letters, coloring, arrows, the window, the bubbles and the cool stones including the buddy.…
Three different modes of play with collectable items to unlock.Click or tap
Draw lines to help each pair of the animals to touch each other.Click Tap and drag to draw lines
Mother Earth is running out of water. The flora and fauna on earth are about to die of thirst. Let’s lead the water back to the Earth to save her, the plants, the animals, and save the humans ourselves.Click Tap and drag to draw lines
Cleverly move your shield to protect the egg from many obstacles. Features: – realistic physics – many types of obstacles – colorful worldClick Touch and drag the shield to protect the egg
American Touchdown Game features: – fun gameplay – single-player or 2 player game modesPlayer 1 input A – move left D – move right W – throw ball Player 2 input Left arrow – move left Right arrow – move right Up arrow – throw ball

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